Local Removals

A neighbourhood company can save you considerably on travel and time.

For local removals it may pay to choose a closely located company for your next move.

local-removals-imageA company from your neighbourhood is likely to understand your area better and can save you considerably on travel and time.

There are many other reasons for choosing a local company, which can include having an established good track record, or even avoiding them if they have a bad track record, (the word does get around.)

I believe that if they live handy they usually will have a better understanding of your neighbourhood and the best and cheapest ways from A to B etc.

If you are moving some distance, say 30km or more then your transport company will only be local in either one area or the other, but that’s ok as long as they are in at least one of those areas.

Your removal specialists are Chris McConnell (Gold Coast) and Warren Kerr (that’s me, on the Sunshine Coast) and we have a combined service record of 30 years in the industry.

Our ‘phone numbers are on the bottom of this webpage.

If you live on the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast then we are close to you.

Both Chris and myself have a background in the hospitality industry and we know and understand the importance of good service, reliability and honesty.

We work together or individually with your help (if you so require) to save you even more on your next local removalist experience.

From a single item or a very small unit, to a larger home, an office relocation, (Chris is the specialist in this field) even a store pick up or rubbish disposal, you will be surprised just what we will do for you.

Removalists are ‘a dime a dozen’ in this day and age, but a finding a good one isn’t so easy.

We hear daily of the ‘cowboys’ that are out there that often turn up late, or even worse, the ones that either don’t turn up at all, or let you down at the last minute.

Neither Chris nor myself has ever let a customer down, a rare claim indeed and one that we are both proud of.

The baby boomers of the 50′s used to enjoy some terrific, reliable service, but times have changed (for the worse) and these days such good service is sadly lacking from most industries.

Of course there still exists some fantastic old fashioned service, (we pride ourselves on being in this category) but in the main such service is a thing of the past.

So how do you pick a good reliable removalist, or anyone else in the service industry?

The first clue to finding a reliable service provider, comes from the point of contact.

It doesn’t matter if it’s by website, ‘phone, face to face or by any other means, your first and most vital clue is that initial contact.

If it’s by website you can gauge a feel for your service provider by the words and how genuine and sincere they come across.

You can tell the difference between rhetoric and sincerity.

On the ‘phone is better as the human voice and demeanour of your service provider will give you a huge clue as to what you are dealing with.

So for your next removal, who are you going to call?

We’d like to think you would give us the chance to prove to you that we are everything we claim to be.

Once again our contact numbers are at the bottom of this and every webpage.

Thank you for taking the time to read this report on your local removals.

Call Warren on 0412 159054.

………   for your Sunshine Coast inquiries.


Call Chris on 0410 527577.

After hours on (07) 55 332 590 for all your Gold Coast inquiries.