Half Price Deliveries

Small Removals and Deliveries, now on the Sunshine Coast!

Affordable deliveries and small removals on the Sunshine Coast!

Warren’s very popular Half Price Deliveries and Concierge Service is now available on the Sunshine Coast.


It’s all about value for money!

The key to Warrens low costs that he uses a smaller vehicle than a large truck.

This vehicle transports an amazing amount safely, very securely and well protected.

Warren has transported everything from expensive antiques and the most delicate of goods, to general rubbish removals.

This service is perfect for anything from a single item up to a unit, flat or small house lot.

Two men or just the one if you want to help and save even more, it’s your choice.

It all comes down to what is the best deal for you, our valued client.

Warren has operated this business for over 23 years  and still gets a look of disbelief from clients who think there is no way he’s going to be able to fit their particular load on his vehicle, and when he does they are simply amazed.

And even if this vehicle is not big enough, he will often supply a second vehicle to assist, at no extra cost, other than the obvious extra time it would take to load a larger or second vehicle anyway.

In fact this is such a good deal because, you are actually getting a second man for free!

Warren can explain that to you when you talk to him.

Typically, he would fit a fridge, washing machine, dryer, 3 piece lounge suite, queen size bed, table and 6 chairs, a coffee table and probably a few cartons as well in one load, and depending on how far you are traveling he will always do a second load with no extra traveling time charged. It all simply means you will save, save, save!

That’s what comes of over 24 years experience and reliability.

Now that’s half price delivery service!

The secret is in the vehicles unique frame, which detaches to allow safe loading of much more than you would believe he could safely load. And everything is protected and treated with ‘kid gloves’

Talk to Warren, he’s being operating his half price deliveries, for over 24 years now and knows what his vehicles will and won’t take.

Originally operating in Brisbane for the past 16 years, and on the Sunshine Coast for the past 9 years, Warren continues giving great service to valued private clients such as yourself and to big name stores throughout the coast.

Warren, known as ‘The Concierge’ (from his days of having been a Concierge with a leading 5 star hotel) brings you a first class service at a second class price.

His specialty is small removals from a single item, to flats/units and small house lots. With one man, (to save you even more) or two men at very competitive rates, it’s your choice.

What makes this even more unique, is that on the smaller pick ups and removals, 99% of the time, Warren works on a fixed quote basis, which means you know exactly what the removal will cost before you start, and you can accept or decline at this point, without obligation.

A larger removal or bigger move will be on an hourly rate, but even then Warren can give you a fairly accurate idea of what to expect as regards to cost.

Obligation Free Quotes and genuine ‘old fashioned’ service has been the reason for his popularity.

Quite often same day is available.

All too often Warren gets calls from clients who have been let down by their removalist, who either didn’t turn up or who claims to have had a breakdown with their vehicle. Either way this doesn’t help with your situation and is the last thing you need happening at this point. Warren can lay claim to having never let a client down.

If this is the kind of dependability you’re looking for give Warren at half price deliveries a call on 0412 159054

You’ll be so glad you did.