About Us

Get to know your local removalist before you meet them.

Chris and Warren (that’s me) want you know all about-us before you choose your next local removalist.

Chris and Warren have a combined total of 28 years in this industry and both, having come from hospitality backgrounds, fully understand the importance of giving ‘top’ service. In fact we enjoy looking after our valued clients and your repeat business is reward enough for our efforts.

Chris has worked in top hotels in Europe, Japan and New Zealand, and restaurants in Canada.

Warren was the Head Concierge at a major 5 star hotel.

These days we hear only too often about people being let down by their removalist, who often fails to turn up or is way less than pleasant while they are doing the job.

This however doesn’t apply to all removalists, but it does happen way too often and it’s simply not what good service is all about.

We both believe that on the day of your move, you are employing us and you not only expect, but you deserve good service and the job done smoothly, efficiently and without delay.

We are both family men and fully understand that you have much more important things on your mind than worrying about whether your removalist is doing the job right or not.

Rather than all ‘about us’, it’s really all about you, and service at the right price. That’s the key to customers returning over and over again.

Both Chris and Warren strive to associate themselves with only quality people and quality services, whether it’s for your storage facilities, packing cartons or anything else that has anything to do with us.

Now that’s service you can trust.


Chris and Warren

A moving experience!